Moving On There is Beauty in Risk

Run Time: 84 minutes
Language: English
Genre: Documentary

An American couple with average lives have their hearts stirred when they learn of the war plaguing Uganda, and decide to move with the intent of adopting and starting a non-profit. The people they encounter will alter the course of their lives forever.

MOVING ON steps into the lives of three incredible Ugandans- Betty, Charles, and Joyce. Although their stories begin with heartbreak, and loss- all have stories of hope.

This is NOT a story about war, injustice, poverty or despair. It is NOT a story of Westerners "saving" Africa. What Moving On beautifully uncovers is that a relationship with Africa is not one sided- the West will not rescue Africa. Their rescues are tied up in one another.

Film Reviews:

"I loved this film" - Bob Goff (Author- Love Does, Laywe, Restore International)

"Their story is both simple and thrilling...Moving On is a fascinating reflection on faith, serendipity and the many kinds of love that human beings can discover" - Denton, TX (Local Review)

"Brilliant! This is just the kind of film we want to support on many levels" - John Fitzgerald, Founder, CineCause

"The only problem... was that [MovingOn] had to end eventually." - JP Spence -Topanga Film Review

Music By:

Josh Garrels, Adam Young (Owl City), Katie Herzig, Tycho, Bellarive, Courrier, and more.



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Meet the Team Behind the Movie

Matt Katsolis

Interpret Studios // Director

Matt Katsolis is a man with unstoppable vision when it comes to making films, and 'Moving On' is no exception. With over a decade of experience in more than 24 countries, Interpret Studios specializes in turning concepts into stories that mean something, that have emotional substance, and the power to change.

Nic McClean

Tight Production Films // Cinematographer

Nic has a watchful eye and a sensitivity to see the underlying beauty in his surroundings. As Lead cinematographer, many of the breathtaking shots in the film are attributed to him. Nic McClean has built his company, Tight Production Films, on award-winning cinematography and a genuine love for people.

Jesse Schluntz

Touch Pug Pictures // Assistanct Director / Editor

As editor of our file, Jesse has an eye for detail and an uncanny ability to organize hours upon hours of footage. Jesse is the owner of Tough Pug Pictures, an award-winning digital production company that specializes in Hi Definition Editing, Shooting & Motion Graphics.

Austin Blasingame

Art Director //

With a specialty in fine art, motion graphics, and a heart to see change in the world, Austin brings something unique to every project he works on. Our animation sequence, titles, and chapter headings were all created by him, and he worked long hours to ensure the look of this film was consistently beautiful.

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